Professional Carpet Cleaning

When Should You Call The Pros?

Carpet cleaning professionals are necessary components of the dynamics of home maintenance. They are the specialists that have the equipment and materials needed to clean the floor coverings thoroughly. More importantly, they are the ones who have the necessary training and expertise to recognize which cleaning techniques are most appropriate for the situation. In more pragmatic terms, they offer more than just the sponges and brushes that ordinary homeowners resort to. Once the function of cleaning professionals is understood, it is easier to distinguish when they are actually necessary.

  1. The homeowner is not capable of cleaning the carpet

Depending on the extent of the dirt, cleaning carpets can be a long and arduous task. Scrubbing the fibers is strenuous enough in itself, and that is not the only thing that carpet cleaning entails. It can also involve moving furniture and even detaching the carpet from the floor to wash it better. When all of these tasks are combined, it can be quite a physical workout.

Not all people are capable of executing the steps needed to clean the carpet properly. It can even be downright dangerous if they attempt to do so. Some examples of this include those who suffer from a bad back or a heart condition and those who are pregnant.

The presence of medical conditions should already be indicative of the need to call for a professional to whom the carpet cleaning can be trusted. This particular example is a glaring example of how carpet cleaners are investments. They can save the homeowner money by allowing them to avoid hospital and medication bills from injuries suffered because of carpet cleaning.

  1. There is not enough time

There is a range of activities that fall under the category of carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming of the floors to remove tracks brought in by everyday use is an example. Another would be the use of spot cleaners to remove a stain found on the floor. These are simple enough tasks that can be accomplished in less than an hour.

However, these examples are just the start of what carpet cleaning entails. There are some tasks that require more time to be done correctly. For example, when floodwater reaches the carpeted room, there is a need to dry out the carpets before any cleaning takes place. Otherwise, the removal of dirt is rendered pointless because the source of the contamination is still there.

In some situations, the dirt seeps down to the core of the carpet to reach the floor beneath it. When this happens, it may be necessary to use a knife to tear out the carpet to clean the floorboards underneath. The carpet will then have to be reinstalled. The entire process takes hours that not everyone has to spare.

When the homeowner is unable or unwilling to devote the time needed to finish the job, the need to call a carpet cleaning professional arises, unlike homeowners, it is their job to finish the task. This frees the residents to go about their daily routines uninterrupted.

Take note that it is better to call a professional before the carpet cleaning process begins. The process may be delayed further if the pros come in the right in the middle of the job. They may find things that were done erroneously and have to do them all over again.

In addition to this, there is also an economic factor at play. It is very rare for professionals to adjust their rates based on the fact that they are just there as substitutes. Just like any other business, these particular service providers already have standard prices that they give out to their clients. If you are going to pay for the services of the professional cleaner anyway, it might be better to allow them to do their job from start to finish.

  1. Sewage material is involved

If the carpet is dirty because of sewage, then the property owner should adopt a hands-off policy. Sewage is a job that should always leave in the hands of professionals. The reason for such a strict practice is that sewage material is one of the dirtiest, most disease-causing substances that a home can be exposed to.

Sewage is recognized by their black or brown color as well as the putrid smell they produce. The unappealing qualities of sewage should already be a warning to property owners to stay away. However, beyond the offense to the senses, the real reason why ordinary homeowners should not handle sewage is that they are full of germs and bacteria. As they are made up of waste material, they can cause diseases like hepatitis, gastroenteritis, and even typhoid if they enter the body.

Being classified as a health hazard, sewage and any item that is in its vicinity should be dealt with by professionals. Even those that do not come in direct contact with the sewage should be handled cautiously. Sewage material can aerosolize and affect even those that do not show any signs of deterioration.

Professional carpet cleaners undergo specialized training that allows them to handle and disinfect the property, including carpets, without exposing themselves and the occupants of the house at risk. They are also the ones with the license and permits needed to transport and dispose of the hazardous materials properly.

Finally, carpets that are exposed to sewage should already be considered as dubious. It is important to know that not all carpets can be cleaned. Depending on the size of the affected area and how long the exposure was, it may be impossible to bring it back to its original state. The professional can provide expert opinion on whether or not the floor covering can be salvaged or if they should simply be replaced.

  1. When insurance claims are needed

When the cleaning and restoration of the carpet are so big it requires the need for an insurance claim; it is better to get in touch with a professional. There is a two-pronged logic to such a move. The first is that if the situation merits a claim with the insurance company, such as in the case of flooding, it thus follows that the process of cleaning the carpet is too cumbersome for a regular homeowner to do.

The second reason for the need to call a carpet cleaning professional is that insurance companies require documentation and proof of the incident to process the claim. It is extremely difficult for the property owner to answer questions the insurance provider may have. Some of the things that may be required are an estimate the cost of the damage, the root cause of the problem, and cost of restoration.

Calling a carpet cleaner professional gives the property owner access to their experience and connections. They are far more familiar with the procedures of insurance claims and can be knowledgeable of the requirements that the insurance provider may have. Furthermore, the reality is that insurance companies are far more comfortable with dealing with experts on the field rather than property owners on a weekend job.

The process of carpet cleaning often follows the steps of removal of dirt, disinfection, and drying. However, there is another step that precedes all three: it is the recognition of when a professional should be called.

It is essential for the property owner to be able to objectively identify the difference between a situation that can be handled personally and those that are meant for professional hands. The ability to do so is imperative. Quite simply, learning how to call for help when necessary can save the integrity of the carpets and thus prevent the devaluation of the property due to unsightly floor coverings.



How to Increase the Value of Your Houston Home

Metal Roofing

If you want to increase the overall value of your Houston home, so you make more money when you sell it, then you might want to consider metal roofing. Metal roofing is a very user-friendly building material for those that want to do renovation projects or for those building a new home. You can get more detaoled information regarding the installtion of a metal roof by contacting a metal roofing contractor Houston

Metal Roofing Houston

Most Of the Cost is Recouped

You can recoup about 85.9% of the cost according to the Department of Commerce Website when you use
metal roofing Houston on your home for renovations. You may gain about 10% more in the resell value when you compare it to regular roofs made with tiles. You get safety and longevity features when you use metal roofing. The costs can be about one half that of other roofing modifications. This makes using a metal roof a very economical option for upgrading your home.

Long-Term Investment

If you are replacing your old roof with a material other than metal, you’ll likely find you need to replace the roof again in 10 to 15 years. When you use metal roofing, you don’t have to worry about this because a metal roof can last a lifetime. Installation of a metal roofing can have a service life of 50 years or longer since a metal roofing is so durable. There’s no need for extensive maintenance with a metal roof and the metal roof is visually attractive too.

No More Re Roofs

These re-roofs also cost less of the life than traditional tile roofs so you get good value for your money with a metal roof. You may need to replace a tile roof about 2-4 times more often than a metal roof. The cost of the installation of a tile roof and the materials such as asphalt can add to the costs of replacing a regular roof. You also have to pay for the crews to work on your roof and the wages per hour can add to the costs making it very expensive. The metal roof will likely be the last roof you have to install.

Metal Roofs Provide Cost Savings

Like many homeowners and you are probably looking for cost savings with your roofing materials. You want materials that will last a long time but also provide you with savings as a roof replacement is a costly one. With the metal roof, you can even cut costs on your energy bills and the metal roof is better for the environment too. A metal roof is good for the environment because it promotes economic sustainability as you’re not discarding old materials every 10 years or so and replacing the roof. You have one roof that will last an entire lifetime.

Now Available in Various Colors

These roofs can also come in various cоlors so they can meet the requirements of the homeowner. The metal roof is an attractive option witһ the cоlors and various textures that are available to you. You don’t just get one or two selections there’s a wide variety of metal roof types to choose from. There are roofs that have various slopes so they can fit different home configurations

Benefits of Energy Efficient Roofing

You could save up to 40% on heating bills with a metal roof. Metal reflective roofs can save up to 40% on cooling costs The highly emissive metal roofs can reduce air temperatures in the urban environment by about 12 degrees Celsius in summer. This means that you’ll pay less money out of your pocket and you will have less dependency on energy resources.  You will help to reduce the overall air pollution levels too.


One Less Expensive Metal Roofing Option

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal may not be the most attractive type of roofing that you will have ever see! You do not generally use corrugated metal for residential properties, its more usual use is more likely to be industrial or farm related, perhaps a cattle shed or a similar structure. That was the past; Now, the new corrugated metal roofing is being recommended and used by some of the best metal roofing contractors in Houston

Strength From Design Pattern

The pattern of corrugated metal is somewhat similar, as you might have guessed, to corrugated cardboard. The pattern itself is good for strength and durability, and this is the primary purpose of it. It was not viewed as a high-end roofing material, but that is changing, so keep this in mind if you are thinking about using it for your home.

If Untreated Rust Can Be a Problem

One of the most significant downsides to this metal was that it could rust quite quickly. So to get around this problem, manufacturers have made the corrugated material into a galvanized version. The galvanized corrugated metal has been treated by a chemical process which will actually prevent it from rusting. The way this method is used is using zinc coating which reduces the possibility of corrosion.

You will Need to Add Sound Installation

Another downside of installing this type of roof is the noise factor that you will experience if you are living or working in the building. It does not matter so much if you have just used the building for agricultural animal storage, but if it is for your home, then you may experience too much noise. The best way to reduce the noise with a metal roof is to have your metal roofing contractor install some sound insulation material before they fit the corrugated metal.

You Get a Long Service Life

The lifespan of a corrugated metal roof can be up to 60 years or more dependant on the weather conditions, so if it is your first home, it can almost last a lifetime. Metal is also recyclable, so if you ever need to, you can just get it taken off and recycled. Overall, this type of metal roof is an inexpensive alternative to higher quality roofing materials and is an excellent option to consider.



HVAC Duct Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

In order to maintain comfortable living conditions, it is compulsory to inspect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units once every three to four months to ensure that they are working to their optimum capacity. An inspection can be done quickly by residents of houses or apartments with the help of the owner’s manual, which includes guidelines for preventive maintenance. You will be surprised at how significantly a little cleanup operation like dusting and wiping could improve the overall performance of your HVAC units. Residents also have the option of calling in certified HVAC mechanics who have proved to be experts in diagnosing problems, replacing damaged filters and parts, and testing units to ensure that they are correctly repaired and are working to perfection. HVAC duct cleaning should be a part of regular maintenance.

Larger More Complicated Units

When it comes to bigger organizations, businesses, or industrial establishments, regular HVAC units are more complicated, and maintenance by highly trained professionals becomes essential to make sure that there is no inconvenience caused due to breakdowns. Large establishments can join comprehensive preventative system maintenance and replacement programs that will enable them to enjoy some benefits like lower operating costs, reduced service calls, etc.

Leave the Serious Work to the Professionals

HVAC-TechnicianProfessional technicians are trained to handle efficiently and replace potentially hazardous refrigerants, skillfully cut and weld lengths of pipe, lubricate gears, and efficiently maintain huge gasoline and electric engines. They have the necessary technical knowledge and can solve the problems you face. After performing maintenance jobs, they are inspected to ensure that they have performed well, and to ensure the quality of workmanship. Regular maintenance can considerably bring down the utility costs, increase the life of the HVAC equipment and bring a higher degree of comfort to the occupants of the building.

Watch for Mold Growth

A steady buildup of fungal growth is difficult to clean from metal surfaces. Technicians may use aggressive (high acid or caustic) cleaners that could damage metal surfaces thereby interfering with the rapid flow of condensate from fin surfaces to accelerated structural deterioration of components. If not rinsed properly this could also lead to indoor air contamination.

Change Filters Regularly

Filters can capture dust, which can become a food source for mold. Mold in the air ducts can easily spread all through the house. This will lead to the need for a mold remediation service.  Filters should most certainly be replaced once every six months. It is important to visually inspect them before they are replaced and make a decision as to whether they require replacement. It is wise to install easy to open panels to gain easy access to filters and coils.

Annual Inspection

There should be an annual check to ensure that there are no air leaks. Corrective measures should be employed if leaks are spotted. Necessary screws, latches, and gaskets should be checked and replaced if needed.


Technology Meets Austin Water Damage Restoration

Technology and Water Damage in Austin TX

Finally, water damage in Austin has a cure! Water damage restoration as science is changing each day with improved air quality as a primary focus. In fact, infrared thermography, an advanced water discovery tool, is used by Atex Water Damage Restoration technicians today to ensure the complete removal of water.  Efficient water extraction Austin after a water damage incident should not be taken lightly, as it leads to a safer indoor environment that is important to the good health of our families. Further, improvements in drying techniques are making the entire Austin water damage repair proce much more manageable.

infrared showing moisture

Water Damage Restoration How We Can Help!

Our restoration services include on-call emergency water damage service“>on-call emergency water damage service – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since our establishment in 1998, we have maintained a proud reputation for speed, integrity, ethics, ambition, and premium customer service. After a water damage incident, you want to restore your life back to normal, and we work to do just that for you.

Waiting Is Not An Option

Whether it is a pinhole leak in a supply line or a gushing broken pipe, property owners often deal with water damage. Leaving water-damaged areas untreated can have devastating effects. The excess humidity can affect other areas of the home or business. Even worse, black water intrusions, including sewage and other organic contaminants, often contain disease and infection causing pathogens that can be a threat to human health. They both require immediate professional attention.

We Go The Extra Mile

Because we understand the seriousness of water damage and sewage damage losses and also the devastation these can cause by disrupting your home or business,  Our claim handling software is state of the art and delivers the loss information within seconds to your insurance company.



How To Beat Austin Traffic

Electric Bike

With all the bike lanes instead of taking a car how about an electric Solar Powered Bike? You can avoid the traffic without the dangers of being in it with a traditional motorcycle. When you come to that hill the electric motor takes you right on up. Seems like perfect transportation to get around in Austin TX.

Hybrid solar power electric vehicle build e scooter EV conversion from custom bike parts


Custom hybrid electric solar power bike build – Hybrid electric vehicle/scooter/ebike/EV with solar technology riding around Squamish, BC Canada

THEKPV ebike/e-scooter kit specifications

44 lbs without solar panels
396 Wh Battery/main
13 km Range / minimum
15 min recharge 80% / AC power
28 Wh 12v booster pack
10,000 cycles / lifetime charges
10.8V Capacitor / booster
50 lbs with a solar array
50 Watts solar power
12V Kinetic generator device

THEKPV build features many custom parts from a generator that charges a capacitor bank with a flip of a switch mounted on the bike handlebars beside the throttle grip.
Onboard solar power can charge any two cells/caps at one time via four rocker switches.
Each of the booster packs is turned on/off via another group of rocker switches mounted on the vehicle handlebars opposite the throttle, and when turned on power the electric motor directly combined with the throttle output from the controller.

The hybrid electric vehicle solar conversion combines:

monocrystalline solar power technology
advanced lithium battery power technology / LiFePO4
ultra capacitor technology

This lady rode across the country on her Solar Bike