One Less Expensive Metal Roofing Option

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal may not be the most attractive type of roofing that you will have ever see! You do not generally use corrugated metal for residential properties, its more usual use is more likely to be industrial or farm related, perhaps a cattle shed or a similar structure. That was the past; Now, the new corrugated metal roofing is being recommended and used by some of the best metal roofing contractors in Houston

Strength From Design Pattern

The pattern of corrugated metal is somewhat similar, as you might have guessed, to corrugated cardboard. The pattern itself is good for strength and durability, and this is the primary purpose of it. It was not viewed as a high-end roofing material, but that is changing, so keep this in mind if you are thinking about using it for your home.

If Untreated Rust Can Be a Problem

One of the most significant downsides to this metal was that it could rust quite quickly. So to get around this problem, manufacturers have made the corrugated material into a galvanized version. The galvanized corrugated metal has been treated by a chemical process which will actually prevent it from rusting. The way this method is used is using zinc coating which reduces the possibility of corrosion.

You will Need to Add Sound Installation

Another downside of installing this type of roof is the noise factor that you will experience if you are living or working in the building. It does not matter so much if you have just used the building for agricultural animal storage, but if it is for your home, then you may experience too much noise. The best way to reduce the noise with a metal roof is to have your metal roofing contractor install some sound insulation material before they fit the corrugated metal.

You Get a Long Service Life

The lifespan of a corrugated metal roof can be up to 60 years or more dependant on the weather conditions, so if it is your first home, it can almost last a lifetime. Metal is also recyclable, so if you ever need to, you can just get it taken off and recycled. Overall, this type of metal roof is an inexpensive alternative to higher quality roofing materials and is an excellent option to consider.